Sirius radio - frequent "no signal" in a 2021 BMW x1

Larry N

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Purchased in October 2020, this is the 5th vehicle that we've owned over the last 9 years with Sirius radio and the 3rd current vehicle we own with this service. Although the radio functions, we are experiencing signal loss several times per song in all outdoor environmental conditions, making our subscription unusable. Typically, while driving down the road with both no and few obstructions, sound will cut out randomly and the display with either show the station ID or "no signal" at the upper right. After two visits to the dealership for repair, they have maintained that they can't repeat the condition. So after the second visit, I was able to speak directly to the technician that worked on the car to ask how he diagnosed it. When he responded by saying that they test on their lot behind a building, I asked him to take a test drive with me. The minute we pulled out of the lot, the radio cut out. We continued through town, driving next to tall buildings, under trees and outside of town through farm fields and experienced severe loss of reception in every instance. We've never experienced this level of signal loss in ANY of our other vehicles so to be sure, we drove our other two vehicles (2018 Dodge Durango and 2017 Dodge Challenger) over the same route and did not experience even a single incident of signal loss with either vehicle. When we returned to the garage the service writer was at lunch so I requested that he report what he witnessed, check with the factory and have the service writer get in touch with us. It's been at least 2 months and I've not heard from them. So rather than just drop off the car and get it back with shrugged shoulders and no repair, I thought I'd try to get a diagnosis here first. (Video demonstrating the failure available on request) Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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