Century West BMW ruins your wheels

San Fernando Valley, So. CA
Dealer ruined my rear 19" M wheel


I am so furious...and feel like I have no recourse!! Last week I had a dent removed at our local BMW dealer. They did a great job..couldn't be happier.

Went out today to give my baby her weekly cleaning, and I saw that my rear passenger 19 inch beautiful, perfect :( ///M wheel is completely gouged/curb rashed....all the way around, deep into the metal.

I went in the house in a complete panic , checked my invoice...and just as I thought there was nothing marked on my paper work that I had any damage....they walk around and check the paint and the wheels every time a car is turned in. I didn't even have a sand size mark on any of my wheels.

I called my SA at the dealer...and he said "Oh I remember seeing that wheel, and thought how horrible on such a beautiful car". That is such BS....my wheels are perfect. That car is my frickin child....I baby it so much. I told him that my paperwork states no damage when the car was turned in. He says that his papers shows that my wheel was thrashed. Can they do this, can they change the paperwork, with my signature on it?

Dealer said NO. The manager said that once a car leaves the lot, they are not responsible for any damage. According to them, their paperwork shows previous damage (they are still looking for the paperwork though) Nice!

The manager said 1 week passed before I claimed damage, and it could have happended anywhere (he does not obviously know how I treat my car).

Even though I explained to him that we have purchased 4 cars from their dealer in like a year, and we service ALL our cars with them...he would not budge. I told him that they just made a big mistake (especially since there are about 4 BMW dealers in a 5 mile radius here), and that I will be contacting BMWNA. He told me to go ahead.

I have an appt. tomorrow at 11am with aquaitance of ours who works for MBZ doing professional wheel repair. He says it can be fixed to factory standards, and no one will know the difference, and it will be as strong (it is only cosmetic damage).

Thanks BMW!!!