Hey people,
How do I get an Avatar??? I tried putting in pics that I have but they'er all to big!! Is there a site I can go to, to limit the size of a picture or pick an avatar?
I wanna be cool like all of you!! Hahahaaaaa
Miz. [fake]


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Miz said:
hahah Thanks Tom...I'll get right on it, But one thing...........How do I upload????hahaaaa[confused]

Reply to the thread and look for this section:
Attach file:
Maximum size: 102400 bytes

Browse and select the image...then post.
Well I got my post count back, all twenty somethin' of them, but I can't get my avatar to work, the link works, so I don't know whats up, help me please!

avatar link
*hope my sig. picture works this time[confused]
on top of this forum, user cp> edit profile. scroll down to "signature"....

user cp>Edit options. scroll down to "Avatar"...
Follow this... User CP > Edit Options > Scroll down to bottom > Load a 100x100pixel or smaller image. I think this works, but don't trust me, I asked for help yesterday.