Unsolicited Winter Tire Endorsement


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I am driving my '04 330ci in the snow for the first time this year (GF's 330xi is gone). I needed winter tires. Several on this board -- and many other people -- recommended Blizzaks but I was buying too late to get them. I bought Toyo Observe Garits. Picked them up yesterday in a snowstorm here in CT. They are phenomenal. I was passing other cars on the road, including SUVs and little front-drive things. I took the car out last night after it had been snowing for about 8 hours just to see what the world looked like under a blanket of snow. This morning I had to drive north about 20 miles and temperatures were in the teens. There are plenty of twisty, hilly roads in CT and they were largely snow-covered but I had no trouble. I chose to drive up several very steep hills just because I could. Unbelievable. This is my unsolicited and unpaid endorsement of Toyo Observe Garits.
Toronto, Canada
I've tried the Toyo Proxes T1 S on my cabrio before. Garbage on dry, worse on wet. If they make a snow tire as well as you claim, it will be noted. I too have also been told to use Blizzaks by many BMW owners (never have though)... last year I decided to try out Dunlop SP winter M3's... still using them this year as they are great! They just go wherever you want them to... I've driven through snow that I'm plowing through up to my bumper, and they just keep pushing.