The all-new X2 is a head-turning subcompact crossover offering the versatility of a "station wagon" - remember those? - with the upscale craft and flavor synonymous with the BMW badge. It is neither a screamer, nor a big tank capable of hauling the gang. What it is is a question we had to answer over a week's test.

It's 2.8 inches lower than the X1 and 3.2 inches shorter, first - but both vehicles share the same wheelbase. You give up cargo space and headroom you had with the X1, but the new vehicle becomes more city-friendly, so the press materials say. The X2 also has new design details like the "roundel" on the rear roof pillars and is overall a very unique-looking BMW, in a good way. Opt for the M Sport X trim upgrade and you'll replace the dark gray body cladding with a lighter Frozen Gray color, receive larger aluminum wheels and a few other performance-oriented accoutrements. The X2 starts at around $38,400 and, with options, can top $50,000.

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