When BMW describes the new X2 it uses words and phrases like dynamic and sporting prowess. It also talks about the car's coupe-like roofline. All very exciting stuff, especially when one of the top trim lines for the car evoke BMW's past motorsport heritage, apparently, while another has a more rally-like attitude.

Any excitement is mitigated when you remember the X2 is BMW's latest small SUV and has the ride-height to prove it. But although the reality of a diesel-powered X2 is far less exhilarating a prospect than BMW would have you believe, this car is far from a completely fun free zone.
Technical highlights

Don't expect to find anything to get your adrenal glands pulsating in the X2's specification; underneath the car is based on BMW's X1. That means MacPherson strut front suspension and multi-link rear. Also, the engine and gearbox sit at the front, mounted transversely, and power the front wheels. Unless, that is, you specify an xDrive model, then a propshaft sends drive to an electro-hydraulically controlled clutch pack at the rear axle that dictates when the rear wheels reveive torque. Adaptive dampers are an option our test car was fitted with.

BMW hasn't just transferred over the X1's components wholesale. It's made small changes to the car's chassis to make the X2 feel sharper, sportier ? more like one its coupes. At the front there's a greater amount of negative camber and it has thicker anti-roll bars on both axles.

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