When BMW announced a new SUV two years ago in Paris, many wondered whether the world needs another SUV, let alone the Bavarians. But fast forward two years later and the SUV craze just got bigger and every automaker is rushing to add more crossovers to their lineup. Mercedes has no less than seven SUVs in its range, with Audi and BMW not far behind - and all three have more on the way in the next 12 months. So the addition of the BMW X2 now seems like it has been a smart play by the bosses in Munich.

The BMW X cars have accounted for 5.5 million sales since the first X5 made its debut in 1999. X model sales were up an impressive 34 percent in 2017, with an increase of 9.6 percent in December 2017 alone. Two generations of X1 have sold to 286,661 customers since 2011, and the current model is now the second best selling X model, with sales up 30 percent since 2016.

Just like its counterparts - X4 and X6 - the new X2 comes to fill a small void in the extremely successful X lineup, yet it has more potential to become a real money maker for BMW. The small, stylish, urban crossover targets young car buyers, potentially opening up a new sales venue, especially since the Bavarians have come up with a car that might be able to appeal to both audiences, millennials and enthusiasts.

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