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Jalopnik Review of the 2018 BMW X2

Apr 26, 2018 - 10:37 AM - by BMW X2 News

The 2018 BMW X2 crossover came out to mixed reactions from the enthusiast community, I still think the roundel badge on the C-pillar is a little much. But after doing a few hundred miles in one of these, I've decided the X2 is actually kind of awesome if you can appreciate what it is: a faster, fancier Subaru Crosstrek.

This pug-snouted high riding hatchback is, like most other mass market cars, a crossover... [Read More]
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BMW X2 First Drive

Apr 25, 2018 - 2:23 PM - by BMW X2 News

When BMW announced a new SUV two years ago in Paris, many wondered whether the world needs another SUV, let alone the Bavarians. But fast forward two years later and the SUV craze just got bigger and every automaker is rushing to add more crossovers to their lineup. Mercedes has no less than seven SUVs in its range, with Audi and BMW not far behind - and all three have more on the way in the next 12 months. So the addition of... [Read More]
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